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Is BC30 a Scam? - TLDR

Not A Scam 

SUMMARY:  It is our opinion that BC30 is not a scam. They have 25 published papers, most of which are correctly designed. The only caveat is that the protein research is pretty bad, but as a probiotic, BC30 actually seems very robust and well researched. We like how transparent they are with their studies and how easy they are to find on their website. Most of the studies were done at a ~1 × 10 to the 9th CFU/2 g dosage, and we would recommend looking for this in products.

If you need a probiotic, BC30 is not a scam. 

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What is a TLDR review?

A full ingredient review takes weeks to research and weeks to write up as they are 2000–4000 words in length. We love the research part but don't have a full mastery of the English language and loathe the writing. TLDR means "Too long, didn't read". We are going to try doing the same research and just writing a summary. If an ingredient gets enough views, we will expand this to a full write-up. We hope this allows us to give our opinion on more ingredients and prioritize novel new ingredients that just launched.