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Is 3D Pump Breakthrough a Scam? - TLDR

Partial Scam
Partial Scam 
3D Pump

SUMMARY:  It is our opinion that this probably should be a scam, but we have a lower bar for ingredients you can feel. If you believe the heavily conflicted research, 6 grams of 3D pump is equivalent to 8 grams of Citrulline. Why not just use Citrulline then? Is 3D Pump cheaper? It's not like this goes into products for geriatric people where 2 grams makes a difference; why do people use this at all?

The study supporting 3D Pump was done by researchers at The Center for Applied Health Sciences. This center is owned by one of the inventors of 3D Pump. At no point in the published paper is this conflict of interest disclosed, and arguably this paper should be retracted. The inventor might literally sign the researchers' paychecks. Science without independence is pointless. It's like when the tobacco companies put out human clinical research showing smoking was healthy for you here. The need for independence is so obvious Dilbert even did a comic about it here. These studies are just an advertisement by the creators in disguise. 
We would avoid 3D Pump and just use Citrulline.

Agree with our opinion? Disagree? Either way, be sure to let the FTC know here.
Alternatively, email Christine DeLorme from the FTC's Division of Advertising Practices directly: [email protected]

What is a TLDR review?

A full ingredient review takes weeks to research and weeks to write up as they are 2000–4000 words in length. We love the research part but don't have a full mastery of the English language and loathe the writing. TLDR means "Too long, didn't read". We are going to try doing the same research and just writing a summary. If an ingredient gets enough views, we will expand this to a full write-up. We hope this allows us to give our opinion on more ingredients and prioritize novel new ingredients that just launched.