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Is KSM-66 a Scam? - TLDR

Not A Scam 

SUMMARY:  Normally, we would rate KSM-66 a partial scam since it's just a fancy trademark for generic ashwagandha, however, the manufacturer has sponsored a number of public studies, upwards of 24, on ashwagandha to increase transparency, so we are going to give it a not scam rating. Despite this, if we were a brand or consumer, we would just buy generic ashwagandha to save cost. Be careful what products you buy, as we found an extremely wide range of KSM-66 dosages, as well as brands that didn't even disclose the dosage of KSM-66 at all.

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What is a TLDR review?

A full ingredient review takes weeks to research and weeks to write up as they are 2000–4000 words in length. We love the research part but don't have a full mastery of the English language and loathe the writing. TLDR means "Too long, didn't read". We are going to try doing the same research and just writing a summary. If an ingredient gets enough views, we will expand this to a full write-up. We hope this allows us to give our opinion on more ingredients and prioritize novel new ingredients that just launched.