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Is Ignitor by Glanbia a Scam? - TLDR


SUMMARY: It is our opinion that Ignitor by Glanbia is a scam. We can find no human clinical evidence that this ingredient works, its truly embarrassing. Glanbia is a multi billion dollar company (€ 3.9 billion-2019). They spent €15 million on an innovation center alone. Despite this, they apparently never bothered to look at this ingredient at all in humans. The only information we can find on this product at all is the brochure here, with only "simulated" human data aka crappy lab tests. We can only find two products actually using this ingredient, both of which include it as part of a proprietary blend so customers have no clue what the dosages are. Ignitor was studied at 150 mg but we use that term loosely because if it was never studied in humans, its difficult to say there really is a clinical dose. We assume this product also suffers from the problems of many enzymes which we have outlined in our Prohydolase review, chiefly being that they are slow and don't function how consumer expect.

Avoid Ignitor, Glanbia should be embarrassed to sell this. 

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What is a TLDR review?

A full ingredient review takes weeks to research and weeks to write up as they are 2000–4000 words in length. We love the research part but don't have a full mastery of the English language and loathe the writing. TLDR means "Too long, didn't read". We are going to try doing the same research and just writing a summary. If an ingredient gets enough views, we will expand this to a full write-up. We hope this allows us to give our opinion on more ingredients and prioritize novel new ingredients that just launched.